How to Draw a Deer

Deer drawing, step by step

The method for drawing a deer is similar to that of drawing a Horse. Of course, there are some major differences between the two animals: deer has a short and elegant trunk, a short tail and expansive antlers on a male. To draw a running deer is particularly tricky. It can be difficult to convey this animal's grace in a drawing. A deer's legs and horns are very important elements of its body, and can accentuate its majestic build when drawn properly. In this lesson, we will learn how to draw a deer in # 2 pencil.

Step 1

Deer drawing, step 1

Draw a basic line for the deer's torso. Draw the deer's torso along the main line at the center of your sheet of paper. We will branch out from it adding legs and neck along with the head. At this stage it is important to correctly position the legs because later we will use them to create a specific dynamic of the deer's body: the animal is alarmed standing on slightly bent legs ready to jump up any moment. Next, draw an oval for the head and add main branches of the antlers.

Step 2

Deer drawing, step 2

Draw rough shapes of deer's torso and legs, according to our tentative lines. To do this, add the muscles to the skeleton, and then add the contours of the torso and the head. Make sure not to make your deer's legs too thick or too short - they are thin and elegant. It is safer to make them too long than too short.

Step 3

Deer drawing, step 3

The deer's head. Now we need to draw the deer's head. Draw two small ovals for the eyes. Below the eyes add a small trapezoid for the nose. Don't forget about a subtle line for the mouth. Also, we need to draw ovals for the ears of deer. See also Drawing a Horse's Head.

Step 4

Deer drawings, step 4

Antlers. At this point, draw the deer's antlers. To do this, you have to draw two arched thick lines. Then add twig-like or straw-like branches to those lines. Try to make the antlers symmetrical on both sides.

Step 5

Deer drawing, step 5

Adding details and editing your sketch. Let's clarify some things to make sure our drawing of a deer is as realistic as it can possibly be. One of the deer's front legs is slimmer and bent at the knee. Draw a tiny rounded tail. Next spend some time on refining your sketch of the animal's head. Since the deer turned his head to the side, add folds in the skin to its neck.

Step 6

Deer drawing, step 6

Shading the deer's body. At this stage we will color in the deer's body. You can simply copy the color of a deer from my images, and can add spots wherever you like to make your deer unique! The ideal background is a snowy winter's day.

In this video you will see how to draw a deer.

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