How to Draw a Cat

How to draw Cat step by step

Fairy tale feline characters such as Puss In Boots are among the most favorite for kids to draw. Pictures of cats drawn in pencil or watercolor can be a good decoration in a child's room. Let's learn how to correctly draw a cat. We must follow a step-by-step process to accurately draw a realistic Cat.

Video tutorial how to draw a cat step by step.

Step 1

How to draw Cat, step 1

Draw outline of the cat from several circles. Start with a circle for the cat's head and add tentative lines for the shape of cat's face. Then draw a large oval in the middle, which will be a torso. Draw two curves at the base for the cat's thighs. Lastly, draw lines connecting the head to the neck.

Step 2

How to draw Cat, step 2

Cat's head. Now complete the shape of your cat's head. Note that there are strips for cat's fur on the front of the neck and the head. When working on cat's head, don't forget to add the ears and the cheeks. Next draw the eyes and the mouth of the cat along the tentative lines drawn in beginning.

Step 3

How to draw Cat, step 3

Stage of small details. Draw a line on the ears, to create a real ear, and then add hair on his forehead. Then draw a mustache and start to identify support for the front paws. Then give the body more details and a bone extending from the middle of the chest.

Step 4

How to draw Cat, step 4

Finish drawing a cat. To finish the sketch, draw the cat's back, front legs, and tail. Erase all unnecessary lines that you drew in the early stages.

Step 5

How to draw Cat, step 5

The drawing of cat is almost ready! Now that you have finished drawing a cat, you can make him or her look a little more realistic. For this, add shadows or spotted fur. If you'd like, draw the surrounding objects next to the cat.

Step 6

How to draw Cat, step 6

Cat drawing is now complete!

How to Draw a Cat Head Step by Step

In this video you will learn how to draw a cat's head easily and simply. The lesson of drawing a cat head was done in stages. Take a pencil and a piece of paper and step by step you will be able to draw cat head correctly and beautifully.

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