How to Draw an Angel

How to draw an Angel step by step

What Do Angels Look Like? Girl Angel or Child Angel? This is a really good question with quite a few answers! It all depends on what you mean by angel! Angel typically possesses a pair of large feathered wings extending from his back, enabling him to fly. Determine your purpose for drawing. Learn how to draw a Girl Angel with wings, in pencil, step by step.

Step 1

How to draw an Angel, step 1

Draw the outline of the Angel's shape. The first step is to make a sketch on paper - draw the contour of the angel's figure. Try to emulate the angel's contours from my drawing to your picture. We are going to draw an angel in a slightly inclined position, hovering in the air. Add the line for the back, the appropriate lines for arms and legs and a pair of lines for the wings. Right leg, we need a little bend in the knee.

Step 2

How to draw an Angel, step 2

Sketch the shape of the Angel's body. To do this, use our previous circle outline on both sides. Also, we need to bend some lines out a little, which will show Angel's muscles. This must be done on the hands and feet. In addition, add the line on the bottom to show the Angel's dress.

Step 3

How to draw an Angel, step 3

Now we will refine the contours drawn for the Angel. We turn first to their feet and hands and attempt to give them a finished appearance. Then draw an initial contour of the hair, making the line slightly wavy. Also extend the bottom of the dress to the side, which will create an effect of wind or motion. Next, draw the female facial features of the Angel.

Step 4

How to draw an Angel, step 4

Long hair and angel's wings. At this stage we give the hair a full appearance and proceed directly to the wings of our angel. Go to the contours of the hair drawn earlier and add a few more similar wavy lines. Estimate the extent of the wings. Draw squiggly line on the bottom of each wing to achieve a feathered look.

Step 5

How to draw an Angel, step 5

The feathers on the wings. Feathers will overlap one over the other in sequence of two rows. That will suffice for large Angel wings. Make the ends of each feather circular or oval. To properly convey the proportions, put more detail into the lower row of feathers rather than the upper one.

Step 6

How to draw an Angel, step 6

The final step of the drawing an angel. Now darken your image in some places in order to depict more shape and volume. First, we darken the back of the wings. After that, use the pencil to sketch a shadow on the Angel's dress, which gives the figure volume. Add small touches throughout your Angel's picture, wherever you see fit, referring by my original image.

Step 7

How to draw an Angel, step 7

You can then add a light blue background and color the drawing in to give it an airy and a more saintly look.

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